Fly Ash Brick
Manufacturers Association

About Us


  • To get accepted by nation that
  • Fly ash is Raw Material and not a waste dump material.
  • Fly ash brick is brick of Green India.
  • To work with power houses, center & state government authorities, institution and organization, public and private institutions to change following policies.
  • Fly ash disposal to Fly ash utilization.
  • To fix legal endorsable responsibility of flu ash producer and user.
  • To make Fly ash transportation and storage accountable on account of pollution and human health.

  • Objectives

  • For the growth development & progress of Fly ash brick manufacturing sector (FABM). As "sector is considered to be the basic industry of green India infrastructure."
  • To make representations to Central and State Government and Semi-public authorities, Executive and legislative, on any matter directly or indirectly affecting sector.
  • AIMA will act as a think tank to provide necessary inputs for the development and growth FABM sector & conduct the survey & prepare research
  • report as well as white paper on the opportunities, challenges, various issues & problems for taking up with the concerned State/Central Government Departments.
  • Bring (FABM) sector under one roof / umbrella for better effective approach to local authority / State & Central government to achieve their common goal for the growth, development & progress of different segment of Industries under FABM sector.
  • To Encourage, Motivate, & Project Young Entrepreneurs to move in to the Second Rank of Leadership for the future of FABM sector.
  • Awareness and implementation of polices, notifications and orders by government , judiciary and other institutions.
  • Awareness related to benefits of using fly ash bricks.
  • Evaluate issues & problems for redressal.
  • Consultancy & support services.
  • Activities

  • Promotional activities for growth, development & progress of FABM sector.
  • Efforts for enhancement of:-
  • Business opportunities in FABM Sector.
  • Promote public private participation (PPP) in the up gradation of industrial training.
  • Conduct Exhibition seminars & other events.
  • Entrepreneur ship Development:-To Organize Various training programs & other activities in Co-ordination with power houses, center & state government authorities, institution and organization, public and private institutions .
  • To Establish & Enhance use of fly ash brick:-To arrange interactive meetings / dialogue with Trade Promotion consulate generals of concerned institution and organization.